Our Story

Who we are and what we're striving for

Our mission is to keep our planet healthy and habitable, and making sustainable stationery products is our way of doing just that.

The Twigs Journey

We started in 2017 as a home-based business designing and selling eco-friendly greeting cards. From the very start, our focus was on sustainability. Our goal was to make a positive impact in an industry that is known for doing harm to the environment. So, we sourced the highest quality recycled paper, an eco-friendly printer, biodegradable packaging, and with some graphic design, Twigs was officially born.

Today, we have a community of talented independent artists from around the world who contribute their unique and beautiful designs to our collection. They help us bring sustainable stationery to the world on a much larger scale than we ever thought possible. Our products can now be found on all major third-party e-commerce platforms, as well as in 200 stores throughout the United States.

We constantly look for new ways to incorporate sustainability in our business, and as we continue to be guided by our mission, we know our impact will be greater each day than the day before. Twigs’ journey is actually just beginning.


“We founded Twigs in 2017 with the idea of creating sustainable alternatives for everyday paper products. Everyone knows the paper industry creates an enormous amount of waste, but we figured it just doesn’t have to be that way since recycled paper is so readily available. We wanted to make sure that everything we do, we do with the environment in mind without ever sacrificing quality. ”

Our values

Environmental Responsibility

Choosing to produce sustainable products is our way of ensuring that future generations get to enjoy a beautiful planet. From sourcing the best recycled paper, printing with non-toxic inks, and shipping in sustainable packaging, we take every step possible to minimize our carbon footprint.

Sense of Community

Bringing people together is certainly what the greeting card industry is all about, but it’s also how we choose to grow our business and make a difference. From the eco-conscious community to our incredible community of artists, surrounding ourselves with those who have a shared vision reminds us of who we are and what we stand for.

Being Creative

For us, obstacles are merely opportunities to be creative, and we believe that’s what makes the world go round. Taking advantage of every opportunity to be creative allows new ideas to take hold and new innovations to change the world.

Working with small businesses and supporting our local economy

We recognize the importance of the American small business community and support buying local whenever possible.