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65 Happy Hanukkah Wishes: What to Write in a Hanukkah Card

65 Happy Hanukkah Wishes: What to Write in a Hanukkah Card

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Hanukkah commemorates the re-dedication of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem after its desecration and is one of the most special and sacred holidays in the Jewish father. This marvelous Festival of the Lights is an eight-day celebration that includes cooking fabulous traditional meals, spending time with loved ones, kids opening presents, competitive dreidel games, and beautifully lit menorahs.

This truly joyous occasion is one of the most celebrated holidays in America. Send your warmest Hanukkah wishes to your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else during this magical time with a lovely Happy Hanukkah greeting card! In this article, we’ve listed the best Hanukkah wishes to get you started – from traditional wishes, to wishes for children, to jokes and puns – you’ll find something here to make sure anyone’s Hanukkah is a bright one!

Traditional Hanukkah Wishes

Celebrate the Festival of Lights this year by sending a traditional Hanukkah wish to your family and friends! Use one of these messages in your Happy Hanukkah greeting card to get it started.

  • Happy Hanukkah!
  • Chag Sameach!
  • Hanukkah Sameach!
  • Thinking of you during this season of miracles.
  • Sending love your way during the Festival of Lights.
  • Rejoice and celebrate in the light and love of Hanukkah.
  • Wishing your family peace and light this holiday season.
  • Wishing you a joyous 8-day festival and a lifetime of light.
  • May the candles be your beacon of light on your path to joy.
  • May the light fill your house with the glow of the Lord our God.
  • May the lights of Menorah candles fill your home this Hanukkah.
  • Take joy in the Festival of Lights; spread joy and love to those you meet.
  • Chag sameach! May your heart be warmed with the glow of Hanukkah candles.
  • Remember what a miracle Chanukah is and rejoice by lighting the menorah candles.
  • Happy Hanukkah! May God bless you this year with all the happiness and light in the world.

Simple Hanukkah Wishes

Sometimes less is more. Send a simple Hanukkah wish to a loved one or friend to let them know you’re thinking about them during this special holiday!

  • Wishing you a peaceful and Happy Hanukkah!
  • Wishing you nothing but smiles for Hanukkah.
  • It’s Hanukkah, eat as many latkes as you want!
  • May you be as happy as the children on Hanukkah!
  • Let the lights lead your way to a Happy Hanukkah.
  • Warm wishes for a joyous Hanukkah filled with love and happiness.
  • Here's to winning every game of dreidel and eating the last latke!
  • Smile and do not worry; celebrate the Festival of Lights!
  • Celebrate peace, love, happiness, and joy at Hanukkah!
  • Let the light of the menorah brighten your Hanukkah spirit!
  • May the happiness you find at Hanukkah last throughout the year.
  • Happy Hanukkah! May your candles burn long, and your celebration be joyous.
  • Let the light of Hanukkah shine on you all year long.
  • Keep the smiles of Hanukkah now and into the New Year!
  • Cast out pain, sadness, and darkness, and rejoice in the light of Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Wishes for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love Hanukkah! From singing Hanukkah songs, to opening presents, and eating all the gelt in the house, Hanukkah is always way more fun with kids around! Send the little ones your best Hanukkah wishes with these cute sayings.

  • Wishing eight special nights for one very special kid.
  • Wishing you lots of love, hugs, and gelt!
  • Wishing eight awesome nights for a very special person!
  • Hope your Hanukkah wishes come true!
  • Dreidel champions, unite! Wishing you fun this Hanukkah.
  • Your awesomeness shines as brightly as a menorah!
  • Hope your Hanukkah is full of fun, fun, fun!
  • It’s Hanukkah, eat as many latkes as you wish!
  • Festive and fun? Sounds like Hanukkah…and you!
  • Your kindness shines as brightly as a menorah!
  • For as much as I love this wonderful season, I have to admit that my love for you is abundantly more! Happy Hanukkah, My Love!

Hanukkah Jokes

There are some seriously funny Hanukkah jokes! Include one on your Happy Hanukkah card this year to make this cheerful holiday even brighter!

  • Happy Hanukkah! I hope each night is crazier than the last. But don’t get arrested; I don’t have any extra money for bail. Love you!
  • How can you recognize a Hanukkah hippie? He’s the one with his hair in dreidel-locks.
  • What’s the best Hanukkah gift for the person who has everything? A burglar alarm.
  • How many potatoes does it take to make potato pancakes? A latke.
  • What did the loaf of bread say to the other loaf of bread during Hanukkah? Happy challah days!
  • What’s a dreidel’s favorite song? You spin me right round.
  • What do you call a speck that falls into the latke pan? An unidentified frying object.
  • What did the older Hanukkah candle say to the younger one? “You’re too young to smoke.
  • Why was the broom late to the Hanukkah party? It over-swept
  • Why do you put candles on top of the menorah? It’s too hard to put them on the bottom.
  • I asked the waiter if my latkes would be long. He said no, they’ll be round.
  • What did the stamp say to the Hanukkah card? “Stick me and you’ll go places.
  • Who is a dreidel’s favorite musician? Dr. Dreidel
  • What does Simba say to celebrate every Hanukkah? “Hanukkah matata!
  • Why did the boy put his Hanukkah money in the freezer? He wanted cold hard cash.

Hanukkah Puns

Puns are kind of the best. And these Hanukkah puns are even better! It’s honestly hard NOT to laugh at these and you should absolutely write a funny pun in your Hanukkah greeting!

  • Meowzel-tov! (If cats are present)
  • Oy to the world!
  • I latke you a lot!
  • No gelt, no glory.
  • This is how I roll.
  • Hope your Hanukkah is lit!
  • I candle if you’re being serious.
  • You have a gelt-y look on your face.
  • Menorah women are welcome to the party!

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