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100 Best Graduation Wishes: What to Write in a Graduation Card

100 Best Graduation Wishes: What to Write in a Graduation Card

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Sleepless nights, group projects, presentations, midnight gas station burritos. Ah. School! These years of hard work and dedication culminate in the sending off of our graduates to contribute their fresh, innovative, and wonderful ideas to the world. This milestone is always cause for a big celebration! Let’s talk about what to write in a graduation card.

Whether celebrating your son, daughter, other family member, or friend graduating from high school, college, or another institution, send them your very best wishes for the future. Now is the time to be optimistic, inspiring, and excited about what the future holds for them in their career endeavors. In this list you will find everything you need to write the perfect graduation card! From casual wishes to formal wishes, to funny wishes, graduation quotes, and more, use these messages to get started writing that graduation card!

Casual Graduation Wishes

If the occasion is less formal, feel free to keep it simple with a short and sweet graduation message. Some of these casual graduation wishes are also perfect to send when you don’t know the graduate too well! When in doubt, keep it short!

  • You did it! Congrats!
  • The sky's the limit!
  • The world is yours!
  • Happy Graduation Day!
  • You did it! Congratulations.
  • What an impressive achievement!
  • Caps off to you, Graduate! Well done!
  • You did the damn thing, Grad! SO proud.
  • This is only the beginning. Congratulations!
  • May your degree unlock many doors for you!
  • What a fancy diploma you’ve got there! Congrats!
  • Best wishes for your future. Congratulations.
  • Just the beginning of success for you. Congrats!
  • May your cap fly as high as your dreams. Congratulations!
  • One degree = two happy parents! Congrats!
  • Good looks, brains, heart and now a diploma too? You’ve really got it all! Congrats!
  • What a ride it has been! You should be very proud of yourself. Hats off to you!
  • “Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!”

Formal Graduation Wishes

These more formal graduation wishes are perfect when attending a graduation party or dinner, or when the graduate is a close friend or family member. Be sure to include something a little personal, like a fond memory or note, to make their achievement that much more special!

  • To your well-deserved success!
  • Warmest congratulations on your graduation.
  • Congratulations on your well-deserved success!
  • Blessing and prayers on your graduation and for your future.
  • We are so proud that you are a graduate now. Congratulations dear.
  • Sending you our prayers and well-wishes on your graduation day.
  • Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!
  • Congrats on your outstanding achievement. Wishing you all the best for the future and all its challenges and opportunities.
  • Many dream, some try, but only a few achieve. You have achieved! Good luck and happy graduation!
  • Be proud of this moment – you deserve it for all the effort and dedication you invested. Congratulations.
  • Congrats, graduate, you have really outdone yourself! Your family and friends wish you nothing but the very best.
  • We praise you for your efforts, and send good wishes too, for a future filled with happiness and your fondest dreams come true.
  • Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Looking back, it was all worth it. Wishing you the best in the wonderful career you have chosen.
  • Graduation is an exciting time. It marks both an ending and a beginning; it’s warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.
  • Your future is bright. For all the times of late-night studies, lack of sleep and sacrifice of enjoyment your reward is here. Congratulations to you.

Funny Graduation Wishes

Sometime the perfect graduation message is a funny one! Upon graduating we look back at the craziness of the previous years and can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Now that it’s all over and bigger things are on the horizon, send a hilarious message to your recent grad!

  • Congratulations! It only took 5 years.
  • We believed. You achieved. Way to go!
  • Happy graduation and welcome to the real world!
  • Despite losing my bet, congrats on your graduation.
  • What a fancy diploma you’ve got there! Congrats!
  • Did you ever think this day would come? Neither did we!
  • My deepest condolences on the end of your college life.
  • The tassel was worth the hassle! Congratulations!
  • Call it graduation, a new beginning, or in your case, a miracle – congratulations!
  • First, I get to see you walk across the stage, then we get to eat cake? WOOHOO!
  • Congratulations to me for sitting through this long graduation ceremony. Just kidding, so proud of you!
  • Lovely friend, hearty congratulations for your graduation. I wish you will find a god job now and will clear the path for me by searching for me too alongside.
  • Now that you’ve graduated, you may be smart enough to figure out how to pay your student loans. Congrats!
  • Now it’s time to enter the real world. Don’t worry, none of us know what we’re doing here either!
  • It came as a shock to me to see you graduate because I know your levels of intelligence…. Happy Graduation to you.
  • Don’t forget to thank those who were always there for you… Starbucks, Google, and Uber Eats.
  • You did it!!! Happy graduation. Celebrate. Exhale. I’m so happy for you! Talk to you soon!
  • Your graduation is truly a moment of joy for you and your family, but it is certainly a moment of shock for me…. Wishing you Happy Graduation.
  • I can’t wait to hear your name horribly mispronounced at the graduation ceremony. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Now you can finally start getting paid to work, rather than having to pay to do it!

Inspiring Graduation Wishes

Time to carry this positive momentum forward and inspire your graduate to go out and do some good in the world! The world is theirs with opportunities across the horizon, so use one of these inspiring graduation messages to encourage your graduate to go give it their very best!

  • Go into the world and do well, but more important, go into the world and do good.
  • Congrats on graduating! I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors. May success always find you. You worked so hard for this, but it is everything you learned that will propel you to success.
  • Going forward, understand that all paths are different. Always remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
  • Find comfort in being uncomfortable. Take the opportunities presented to you even if they're scary; you have to leave your comfort zone to grow as an individual.
  • Do all the ambitious and important things in life, but as you do, err in the direction of kindness.
  • Always maintain a positive attitude and never stop believing in yourself.
  • The journey of life brings both challenges and chances – may you snatch the chances and beat the challenges.
  • School may be over, but never stop asking questions. Questions are the keys to unlocking endless opportunities.
  • For all the lack of sleep, late-night studies, and hard work, your reward is here. Well-deserved congratulations!
  • Wishing that even brighter opportunities will come your way and you achieve success in all of them!
  • Always remember: There’s no limit to what you can do if you believe in yourself.
  • Today is just one of life’s many sweet victories, be sure to stop and savor this incredible moment!
  • Keep going no matter what obstacles may try to get in your way. We know that you’re fearless and can overcome any challenges.
  • The greatest gift you can give someone is believing in them. And you have a whole team of people who believe in you.
  • Now is your time! You’re unstoppable and I want you to enjoy and celebrate this outstanding accomplishment.

Graduation Quotes

There’s nothing like an inspiring quote from one of the world’s most successful people, and there’s certainly no shortage of them! Write an encouraging quote in your graduation greeting card to inspire the graduate to go take on the world.

  • You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." – Wayne Gretzky
  • "The road to success is always under construction." – Lily Tomlin
  • "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis
  • “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” – Oprah Winfrey
  • “Don’t allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on sunglasses.” – Lady Gaga
  • "Don't be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered." – Michelle Obama
  • “There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela
  • "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." – Thomas Edison
  • "Be the hardest working person you know. Because if you’re not, someone else will be." ˆ– Ian Brennan
  • "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela
  • "Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor." – Jackson Browne
  • "I celebrate you as you remember the power of grace and pride, and I challenge you to choose freedom over fear." – Janelle Monáe
  • "It is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate." – George Burns
  • "If I must give any of you advice it would be say yes. Say yes, and create your own destiny." – Maya Rudolph
  • "Fight for what makes you optimistic about the world. Find it, insist on it, dig into it, go after it." – Jennifer Garner
  • "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." – Mark Twain
  • “Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once." – Lillian Dickson
  • "You must have some vision for your life. Even if you don't know the plan, you have to have a direction in which you choose to go." – Oprah
  • "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." Robert Louis Stevenson
  • "I've learned it's important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is." – Ryan Gosling

Graduation Wishes During a Difficult Time

Difficult times don’t wait for us, unfortunately. If you know someone who’s graduating during a difficult circumstance, be sure to be there for them as much as possible. Start with sending them some kind words of support and let them know that you how proud you are of them for this achievement.

  • You are still celebrated for this amazing accomplishment.
  • You might not feel up to celebrating as you graduate, but we hope you do feel the pride, caring and good wishes surrounding you right now.
  • It’s going to take more than a canceled graduation ceremony to stop me from blowing an air horn in your honor. Way to go, Grad.
  • I wish I could see you in your cap and gown but know that I am so very proud of you. Today and always.
  • Praying for you as you graduate – for pride today, hope for tomorrow, and for love and support to go with you always.
  • Congratulations on your graduation. I wish it could have happened at a happier time for you, but I hope it helps to know how loved you are and how proud you’ve made all of us who care about you.
  • Just because your graduation ceremony has been canceled, doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate your amazing success. We are so proud of you.
  • Hard work, talent, drive and vision will always outlast tough times. That’s how I know you’re going to make the world what you want it to be.
  • We are disappointed that we won’t be there to watch you walk across the stage and get your diploma, but we will celebrate your success as soon as you can!
  • Missing your face so far away. Someday we will be able to celebrate our accomplishment – graduating law school! – together!
  • I know that things are difficult right now, but I hope that you can take a moment today to savor all of your hard work and this fantastic accomplishment.
  • As you graduate, you’re in all my proudest and happiest thoughts… and in my most caring, heartfelt prayers, too.

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